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October 2017

Hate in the Blood: White Supremacists’ Use of DNA Ancestry Tests

While white supremacists seek confirmation of their personal racial inheritance, they are often confronted with what they regard as deeply discrediting information, such as mixed-race ancestry. This new type of genetic information creates what we call a genetic stigma—a significant gap between the person’s prior conception of themselves and the way others in the broader community perceive them.

July 2017 Spotlight On: Revolutions

“In Our Own Interests”: The Destructive History of Nationalism in the Habsburg Monarchy and What It Means for White Nationalists

The triumphalism in [nationalist] narrative[s] ignores the destructive nature of nationalism while also legitimizing it as a real and natural occurrence, despite the bulk of nationalist theory showing that it is far from that. By relying on this narrative, we may fail to see the danger present in new nationalist movements such as the recently emergent White Nationalism.