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May 2018

Pragmatism v. Purity?: The Left and Elections

While Democrats are, at best, a corporate-dominated center-left party with a history of attacking its left flank, they represent the only viable alternative to the far right Republican agenda. Supporting Democrats, given the alternative, is important. After all, Democrats are the only other political party with real power in a system designed to accommodate the existence of only two parties.

May 2018

Corruption as a Byproduct of Politics: A Study of Governance Crisis and Threat to Political Stability in Nigeria

On the international scene, Nigeria is now regarded as a country in which integrity and transparency are alien and where no transactions occur without “scratching the back” of the personnel in charge. From the federal to the local level of government, there has been phenomenal increase in the incident of corruption and bad governance which has consistently threatened political stability in the country.

May 2018

“Give Cheerfully, Give Abundantly”: White American Prosperity Evangelism, Financial Obedience, and Religious Corruption in the Trump Era

As we continue in the struggle for economic justice, it is important to examine how white Christian evangelism shapes our efforts to alleviate poverty. Casting poverty as a form of moral failing encourages people to disengage from the social, cultural, and structural causes of poverty and ignores the role that white Americans play in the global proliferation of poverty conditions worldwide.