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November 2017

How We Remember War: A Veterans Day Special Issue

The commemoration of war has often, as in the case of Charlottesville, been used to bind together the sinews of power. The three articles in this series seek to explore avenues in the other direction, commemorating war as a means of bending the arc of history toward justice. As their authors suggest, changing the way we remember war has the potential to fundamentally rework our understandings of both the past and present. In the process, we may find new opportunities to foster more equitable approaches to our shared history and society.

November 2017

Remembering the Honorable Dead: The Tumultuous History of Armistice Day

Amidst controversies surrounding increasing veteran suicide rates, presidential conduct towards war widows, and the seemingly never-ending conflicts in the Middle East, it seems like the opportune moment to push aside the politics and to take time to reflect on the sacrifices members of the armed services and their families have made to protect the democratic practices and ideas we hold as key to our American identity.