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August 2019

The SaveGradEd Movement at Ohio State: Graduate Student Labor Still Needs Saving

“In early November 2017 the Republican-led House of Representatives released their version of what would become the Tax and Job Acts—an unprecedented give away to the wealthiest Americans. A provision in the bill would have included the ‘taxing’ of graduate student tuition waivers. As a result, graduate students could have owed the government thousands of dollars in ‘taxes,’ despite the majority of graduate students earning less than $20,000 a year. “

August 2019

Strikes in Australian Higher Education: Stories From the Field

This article adopts critical auto-ethnography to examine how Australian university unions and unionists have developed strategies for campus activism. The enablers and restraints on union activism in Australian higher education are discussed using the device of vignettes of a unionist active in the sector from the 1980’s onwards, and an agenda for the future raised.