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June 2018

Give Racism a Chance

I started the Slants nearly a decade ago because I wanted to change people’s assumptions about Asian Americans. When you combine the great discomfort that people have when talking about racial injustice to the fact that the Asian American experience is rarely considered in these discussions, I realized that opportunities to do so would be extremely rare. I wanted to give racism a chance—a chance for discussing its existence in a way that would be compelling, honest, and yet, subversive. 

June 2018

The J-20 Protests Trial: Civil Liberties in the Hands of Twelve Citizens

According to the A.G. Office, prosecutorial efforts will focus on the 59 demonstrators who allegedly are “most responsible for the destruction and violence” that took place during the protests. Nonetheless, it is still unclear what prosecutors mean by “most responsible” and they could still be charging demonstrators who did not directly create the disturbance, which may impinge on their right to protest.