As activist-historians, we understand that Black Brown Indigenous People of Color (BBIPOC) have faced and continue to face violence, marginalization, and other obstacles from the white supremacist institutions built on the histories of colonization, genocide, and slavery. Academia is a reflection of these larger institutions and, as Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre has found, employ multiple white supremacist tools to oppress BBIPOC faculty. Queer and Trans BBIPOC (QTBBIPOC) face further marginalizations compounded by their LGBTQIA+ identities. In 2019, at least 25 trans people were murdered—91% of them were Black and 81% of them were under 30.  

This endemic violence against Black trans people is coupled with an unemployment rate of 26%, a likelihood 5x higher than the rest of the general population in having faced homelessness and 8x more likely to live in extreme poverty, and a 20% rate of being affected by HIV.  These statistics are harrowing, but as activist-scholar Blu Buchanan has written, “practices of survival also oriented Black trans people toward revolution, of seeing themselves as part of a longer Black struggle, from slavery till the present, to be free.” We would like to support the labor of QTBBIPOC as extremely precarious subjects, while also celebrating a community who has always been at the forefront of social change, artistic production, community organizing, liberatory struggles, and civil rights.

In order to support and show solidarity with these activist-scholars, writers, artists, and organizers The Activist History Review provides a small stipend to contributors who identify as QTBBIPOC. In order to fund these stipends, we are asking readers and supporters, especially white folks, to donate to this fund.

Activist-scholarship is about praxis. As historians invested in understanding the past, we need to look to our contemporary struggles and fight for the equality we would like to see in the future. Supporting these stipends for QTBBIPOC not only supports individuals who are marginalized in academia and society as a whole, but also helps move us toward a future that centers and prioritizes these voices.

Please direct donations to our PayPal (activisthistory@gmail.com) with the note “stipend fund.” 100% of these donations will go to QTBBIPOC contributors.

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