Emeritus Editors

wuertenberg-bio-picNathan Wuertenberg, Co-Founder and former Associate Editor, is currently a doctoral candidate at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He is conducting research for a doctoral dissertation on the 1775 American invasion of Quebec, entitled “Divided We Stand: The American War for Independence, the 1775 Quebec Campaign, and the Rise of Nations in the Twilight of Colonial Empires.” He received his MA in history from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and his BA in history and Spanish from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. He recently contributed a chapter to the two-volume series Violence in American Popular Culture entitled “From Knights to Knights-Errant: The Evolution of Westerns through Portrayals of Violence.” He can be contacted here and followed on Twitter at @nwuertenberg.


Eric Morgenson, former Contributing Editor, is a PhD candidate in history at the State University of New York at Albany. His research interests include the intersections of race and class in the United States, the relationship between liberalism and the left in the twentieth century, and American Jewish history. Eric’s dissertation, The Last Step to Whiteness: American Jews and the end of the Civil Rights Coalition argues that allegations of antisemitism made against Black Power groups in the 1960s were part of a larger effort to distance liberal American Jews from the cause of civil rights. The work explores Jewish assimilation in the twentieth century. It emphasizes the impact that Jews becoming “white” i.e. culturally accepted had on the relationship between American Jews and African Americans. He received an MA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, a BA from Concordia University-Nebraska, and an Associate of Arts from Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE. Eric was born and raised in Bismarck North Dakota, but really hates cold weather. He currently lives in Connecticut where it is still too cold. He can be reached here.

Lewis HeadshotBrittany Lewis, former Social Media Editor, completed her undergraduate studies at Temple University with degrees in Broadcast, Telecommunications, and Mass Media and African-American Studies. Post-undergraduate school, she was accepted into the highly competitive Teach for America program.  During her years of service, the state of Delaware awarded her the Teacher Cooperative/Retention Award for outstanding dedication and success in the classroom. During her time in Delaware, Brittany also obtained a Master of Secondary Education degree and graduated summa cum laude. Brittany was crowned Miss Delaware for the Miss America Organization in 2014. She is the recipient of the Carol Maclary Excellence in Education Award; Miss America Community Service Award and 1st runner up to the Miss America Jean Bartel Quality of Life Award. Brittany is currently a Ph.D. student in the History Department at George Washington University. Her research interests include 20th-century African-American history, cross-cultural solidarity movements, and city-suburb formation. She is the recipient of the Herber Prize for Best Teaching. She is the chairperson of the George Washington University branch of the DC History Graduate Student Association. She is also an adjunct professor of Ethnic Studies at Wilmington University. She can be contacted here.


Tom Foley, former Activism Editor, is a doctoral candidate at Georgetown University where he is writing a dissertation on on the rise of the hydrocarbon economy and its effect on ecology and politics in mid-nineteenth century Pennsylvania.  His research interests include public digital history, slavery, the Civil War, and energy transitions.  He has contributed to the Georgetown Slavery Archive (SlaveryArchive.Georgetown.edu) and has also written for the Journal of the Civil War Era and Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal.  He has earned degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Villanova University.  Before pursuing graduate studies, Tom worked as an amusement park costume character, legislative researcher, park ranger, and mover. He can be contacted here.