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Call for Contributors: Parties and Politics

The Activist History Review invites proposals for our October 2018 issue, “Parties and Politics.”

The Activist History Review invites proposals for our October 2018 issue, “Parties and Politics.”

As the United States approaches yet another federal election, media outlets continue to highlight America’s party system. Pundits often claim that American politics is at its most divided since the Civil War, calling attention to partisan entrenchment in Congress and in public life, more generally. There is no doubt that the political rivalry between Democrats and Republicans has, since 1860, consumed the American electorate. On only a few occasions have Americans presented real alternatives to either party or the political landscape itself.

The Activist History Review seeks articles interrogating the history of political parties in the United States. How have parties shaped the electoral landscape and how have historical actors shaped parties from the ground up? How has this narrative produced the current political climate? Do our conceptions of “left and right” align with a two-party system? Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Democrats and Republicans over time
  • Alternatives to republican democracy in American history
  • The role of third parties
  • Parties and local politics
  • Reform movements and the party structure
  • Class politics in America
  • “Identity politics,” equality, and representation in democratic practice
  • Legacies of liberalism and conservatism
  • Civil rights and gender equality
  • “Populism” versus the “establishment”
  • Trump and the Republican Party

Please submit a short (one page or less) proposal and 100-word bio to Andreas Meyris at by Friday, September 28th at 11:59PM. Final articles will be 1250-2000 words.

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