Editorial Board

barry-headshot.jpgMichael T. Barry Jr., Managing Editor, is currently a doctoral candidate at American University in Washington, DC. He studies African American and Muslim American history and is writing his dissertation on the history of Islamophobic ideas and anti-Islamophobic resistance in America. Barry has contributed writings to outlets like Black PerspectivesThe Gainesville Sun, Truthout, Sport in American History, The Blackprint, and The Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Michael is also a documentary filmmaker, specializing in oral history. His films “U Street Contested” and “The Universal Soldier: Vietnam” have won and been nominated for numerous awards, as they have screened at film festivals and historic venues across the country.  He teaches modern American history at Montgomery College in Silver Spring, MD. Follow him on Twitter at @MTBarryJr.

bowen-headshot.jpgAlyssa Bowen, Associate and Social Media Editor, is an anti-racist activist and PhD candidate in Global History at UNC. She studies the Cold War, the Western European and Latin American Lefts, international solidarity, and human rights history. Alyssa has been involved in anti-racist activism on campus and within the labor movement. You can learn more about activism at UNC by following @takeactionch or @strikedownsam on Twitter or by visiting silencesam.com. Follow Alyssa on Twitter at @alyssaannbowen.

horne-bio-pictureWilliam Horne, Co-Founder and Associate Editor, holds a PhD in History from The George Washington University. His dissertation, “Carceral State: Baton Rouge and its Plantation Environs Across Emancipation,” argues that white Americans created a system of carceral capitalism in the immediate aftermath of slavery. Broader interests include systems of power revolving around concepts of race, labor, capitalism, incarceration, and the state. He can be contacted here and followed on Twitter at @wihorne.

Zoie HeadshotZoie (Zane) McNeill, Associate and Copy Editor, is an independent activist-scholar with research interests in queer ecologies, environmental humanities, queer of color critique, socially engaged art, and critical geographies. Currently, they are on the editorial teams for the Journal for Critical Animal Studies, The Activist History Review, and Queer Appalachia’s Electric Dirt. He is also co-editing anthologies, forthcoming from WVU Press and Sanctuary Publishers. You can also find their work in the forthcoming collections, What’s White in the Rainbow: White Supremacy in LGBT Movements, the Palgrave Handbook of Queer and Trans Feminisms in Contemporary Performance, and the Routledge Handbook of Vegan Studies.

meyris-bio-picAndreas MeyrisAssociate Editor, is a PhD student at the George Washington University specializing in American labor and political history. His dissertation will explore competing forms of American liberalism and transatlantic pacifism and social democracy prior to the New Deal. His areas of study also include political radicalism, extremism on the left and right, and the history of protest. Andreas is a native of Rochester, NY, attended Monroe Community College, and later received his BA in history and a specialization in adolescent education from the State University of New York at Geneseo in 2012. His paper “The Common Ground of the Ballot Box: Defining Americanism in Post World War I America” won a best paper prize from Phi Alpha Theta that same year. Since 2008, Andreas has worked as an educator, maintenance worker, Erie Canal tour guide, and legal assistant. He is currently a graduate fellow at the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project. Andreas currently resides in Falls Church, VA. He can be contacted here.